Our design development and conceptual design process is done by our entire development team. We are able to break down the traditional silos that separate the conceptual and the real practical application of the conceptual drawings. We can react quickly to design requests by and input from your client, providing quick update of both drawings and pricing. The design-build process we utilize means less time is spent on redrawing the mechanical, electrical and plumbing drawings, reducing both expense and errors.



Our development team has worked together for over 20 years and are accustomed to our high expectations. The entire team have been involved in these projects from the beginning and will be ready to move quickly towards the next stage of development. The relationship between developer, architect and general contractor is crucial to delivering a high quality building, on time and on budget. Our clear lines of communication and responsibility allows for speed, pricing stability and high levels of quality. We have cultivated strong relationships with the Cities of Farmington Hills and Novi and their officials, offering us unparalleled access to important decision makers. Our suppliers of capital, both debt and equity, are trusted partners and are equally important to the success of the project. Our equity relationship goes back over forty years.


Implantation of the final approved drawings according to the schedule and the tenant approved budget become the priorities once we move to this phase. Weekly meetings, constant supervision and open lines of communication prevent us from delivering a non-conforming building. Northern Equities Group can react quickly to design or construction issues, solving problems with a holistic view of the project. Each part, each process, is examined in relation to the whole project. The project is not only the physical building, but the environment which will be utilized by the tenant and the employees who will live in the facility. We evaluate the build process with economics, safety, ergonomics and flexibility in mind.



Northern Equities Group has been thinking about the after-delivery phase since our first tour with your client. From the first concepts our thoughts are focused on how the building will work and how the building will maximize your client’s productivity and efficiency. Our management team has input in the design and our real life laboratory of over thirty buildings provides constant feedback on how our buildings “work” and how they can be improved. All of the lessons learned are incorporated into the next building. Our management team will become a welcome sight at the building, eschewing the adversarial landlord/tenant stereotype and the out of date break-fix method of property management. We will be a part of your team, a problem solver that can be called upon for any building related activity, from planting flowers to large build projects within the space.